How to Profit With Your Auto Responder.

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How Does an Autoresponder Make Your Profit?

When you write your messages for your autoresponder sequence you will nodoubt place advert it the for various products. Auto responder adverts employ one of the most effective marketing techniques: direct response marketing. This method of email marketing enables you to connect with your clients directly and offer them products according to their interests.

Ofcourse, you need to use this tool properly otherwise instead of building trust, you will alienate you clients. so here are 5 tips on how to use your auto responder the correct and profitable way.

1) Build Your List of Prospects

Your purpose in running your subsciber list is to convert prospects into customers. So you starting point is always going to be your list of prospects. You can buy lists but then you run the risk of contacting people who do not want to be emailed and since they did not request your email, it will be considered unsolicited email and you can get heavy fines for doing so. ExpressResponse will keep you out of trouble because it is a double opt-in List Building and Management Software Tool which adhears to the anti-spam rules.

By far the best method is to build your list with double opt-ins. This is the method of making an offer - usually free and then delivering it to them via email - so they have to give you their email address. Once you ghave the email address you keep sending them similar offers until they unsuscribe.

The "free offer" method is the best and most honest way of building your list.Once someone has made a purchase from you and you have full-filled your promises then they are more likely to keep buying.

2) Give Good Free Advice

Each time you send out an auto responder message, you want to try and incorporate some good quality free advice. These free nuggets of info in their niche will keep them wanting to open and read your emails.

The more people open and read your emails, the more likely they are to buy the offer you make, and you get commission checks :)

3) Create a Sense of Obligation

You should subtly remind them that you are giving them this free advice. This then creates a sense of obligation on their part which makes them more inclined to buy a producty from you. Even though the effect is slight, when multiplied over a few thousand subscibers, this can make the difference of an extra 10 or 20 sales.

4) Communicate Urgency

You may offer the same product over a period of days, maybe even a couple of weks. But during this campaign, especially in the last couple of emails, you need to give some reason for urgency. The reason can be limited supply, ro maybe the removal of a special discount.

Whatever the reason, this needs to be well communicated because once your campaign is over noone will come back and buy, you can only sell during the email campaign.

5) Ask for the sale

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in marketing is that they simply do not ask for the sale. How do you do this in an email? You do it wth a direct "call to action". This is fact why you have gone to the effort of creating the email campaign, so you must not neglect this piint.

At the end of each ad, urge them to take action. You need to tell them to act.

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