How to Choose an Auto Responder for List Building.

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Do You Need an Autoresponder?

We have all heard the mantra - "The money is in the list". And its true. ALL the gurus have opt-ins and build lists. That way they can send you offers whenever they like.

An autoresponder is the software engine that drives the list buiding and list management and sends out the emails automatically for you. So it automates your subscriber aquisition. All you need to do is fill up the messages with what you want to tell your clients.

Of course list buiding does not have to be for making money, you can eaqually use it to stay in touch with friends, club members, charity subscribers any group to whome you wnat to send out regular email.

Can't I just Do it Myself ?

Subscriber Management

Is an autoresponder 100% necessary? Well, technically you could just store all of your subscribers and their emails in a database and then manage it yourself and send out emails manually. But thats going to take a lot of your time up, so it's not really worth the hassle.

A Growing List

As your list grows the more difficult it will become to manage the subscriber database. How are you going to handle an unsubscribe feature? Will you manually take them off your list? What about dealing with non-delivered emails, how will you know?, how will you resend them? how will you keep track of who gets which email, which ones failed, how many times it failed etc? Not an easy task at all, and thats exactly why people use auto responders to send out their bulk email.

The CAN-SPAM law

Another important point is making sure you are compliant with the CAN-SPAM law. Did you know that sending out unsolicited bulk, commercial, or otherwise unwanted email is a crime in the United States. The penalties are pretty severe.

Chose a Simple to Operate Auto Responder

In order to simplify the task of running subscription it is importanat to chose an auto responder than makes things as easy to set up as possible. I use and recommend is ExpressReponse because they provide an exceptionally fast and easy to use platform. UK National Cyber Security Association The site is suited well for beginners as they provide excellent support via their Support Forum as well as tutorials on out to build you lists and start a campaign.

Plan your Features

Before selecting your autoresponder service, check that it has these main features:

Enjoy Your List Building Software Tool

ExpressReponse is being used my many internet marketers because it is so much cheaper to use than competitors like AWeber, GetResponse and iContact. However more importantly it is a very fast and easy to use auto responder software which helps you build subscriber lists - assuring you of increasing your earnings of internet income.

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