How To Benefit From Auto-Responders.

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What is an Autoresponder?

Auto-responder - A programme that sends out email messages to a specified list at a specified time.

Do I Need an Autoresponder?

Every online business should be making use of an auto-reponder service because it provides full Internet marketing list management software at a zero or low cost.

Why ?

Customer Contact

Every business has customers. A good auto-responder service will make keeping in touch with your clients a lot easier. In addition it gives your business an air of professionalism. With this list management tool you can make sure that your clients will never again miss that special offer or that valuable advice that they will appreciate from you. The auto-responder is a powerful customer realations tool and using any auto responder service is a profitable business desicion.

Build Customer List

In addition to keeping in contact with your existing customers, you can use your auto responder to grow your business. By placing your an opt-in form on your website and offering a free newsletter containing valuable advice or discount offers, you can add new clients to your business automatically every week.

Which Autoresponder Service?

Above all you want a reliable and easy to use service. is just that. Within less than a minute you can sign up and receive your "instant plugin", place it on your website and start building your list. The UK National Cyber Security Association The entry level is free and you can build your business with it until you feel ready to move over to the "Professional" version.

Adding your messages is easy, and fast. You can add a whole sequence of up to fifty messages on one form, making this the easiest and fastest autoresponder software on the planet !

Reputation Protection

Nobody likes getting unrequested emails, especially people trying to sell us something. Individuals and companies that keep sending out such unwanted emails lose there good reputation and respect. Slowly everyone blocks their emails and makes complaints. protects your reputation by ensuring that your subscribers have confirmed their request for information. In addition every email has an unsubscribe link to enable them to cancel if they wish.

These are now features required by law and they protect you and your reputation from any false accusations which would otherwise harm your reputation and your business.

Very Easy Set-up of Auto Responder

After signing up for your free ExpressResponse account, you can imeddiately copy your plugin code and place it on the website or blog. This will start your subscriber aquisition and help you to build your subscriber lists.

Here are three types of websites:

1) A SimplePage webpage.

This is a free hosting site run by
For SimplePage we have a very simple code plugin which looks like: [er200]uk96k1978a9172j96xy[/er]

The "er" just stands for Express Response.
The "200" is the width of your opt-in form. You can make this wider if you like.
So changing it to [er350] will make the form 350px wide.
The campaign code, in this case: "uk96k1978a9172j96xy" is unique to your campaign - so don't change that at all.

In your SimplePage, just paste this code in where you want it to appear. You can use the usual positioning and format buttons that you have within the SimplePage editor. i.e. "center" , "right justified" , "left justified" , "right with text flow" or "left with text flow".

Once pasted in using the SimplePage Editor, when the page is veiwed by a visitor, they will see your op-in form and when they add in their name and email address, the powerful ExpressResponse system will handle the details and place them on the relevant campaign list.

2) A Wordpress Blog.

With a wordpress blog you have areas called widgets where you can place the Express Response plugin code. You need to use the plain text widget - you will find these in your control panel. The widget positioning varies according to the theme that you are using. There is no width adjustment on this code because it will free flow to the width of your widget - just adjust the width of widget.

The SimplePage Short code will NOT work in Wordpress, you need to use the standard (longer) plugin code, just copy and paste it into your plain text widget box. Job Done!! Simple !!!
Your full List Building Software is installed !

3) A Standard HTML Website.

Again this is a simple copy an paste. Just take your plugin code, open yout HTML editor find the place where you want to insert the opt-in form and paste the code. If you want to restrict the width just surrond the code with a pair of <div> tags and apply a width setting like this: <div style="width:300px;"> Plugin Code </div> That's it, save the file FTP it to your server and you have your autoresponder set up to build your list.

Build Trust and Make Sales

Now is the time to start writing your messages.
This is the fun part!
Just remember: once this is set up, every person that comes to collect your free offer will also get the sequence of messages you are about to enter.

Your first message should should welcome them and remind them of the value of the free gift you are making them and should also contain a download link for your free offer. If your free offer is a PDF book, then you can host it on many free hosting servers.

Your first message should also encourage them to look out for your next communication. Then you write some more messages...

So you want to give a good mix of useful advice, cheery comment and product recommendations. It is these product recommendations that will earn you a commission. The more subscibers you have to your free offer, the more people will have to be able to promote other products and earn a commission.

You don't need to set up all 50 messages, because each message will go out evey 2 days - unless you set the delay time to longer. This means that if you do the first ten, you then have about 20 days before you need write any more.

Broadcast messages

In addition to the sequenced messages, you can also send out broadcast messages to individual campaigns or to all of your subscribers . This is a method used by many Internet marketers to keep sending out the new products that come on Clickbank and other platforms.

The broadcats message also enables you to get an immediate message out about a new product you are lanching or to highlight a special post in your blog etc.

Using this facility properly can increase your earnings. You can use a couple of broadcats to build up interest in the offer before the event and then when the offer is launched you add your special bonuses, making your customers feel 'exclusive'.

Enjoy Your List Building Software Tool

ExpressReponse is being used my many internet marketers because it is so much cheaper to use than competitors like AWeber, GetResponse and iContact. However more importantly it is a very fast and easy to use auto responder software which helps you build subscriber lists - assuring you of increasing your earnings of internet income.

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